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I wrote an article previously about running CrunchBang Linux on the CR-48, but I decided to give Lubuntu another try and found that mapping the missing keys was a very similar process.

First, make sure you have xkbset and xbacklight installed. Run sudo apt-get install xkbset xbacklight.

Second, add to you ~/.profile:

# Enable xkbset for mouse buttons
xkbset m
xkbset exp =m

# Update key mappings
xmodmap -e "keysym Control_R = Mode_switch"
xmodmap -e "keysym Left = Left NoSymbol Home"
xmodmap -e "keysym Up = Up NoSymbol Prior"
xmodmap -e "keysym Right = Right NoSymbol End"
xmodmap -e "keysym Down = Down NoSymbol Next"
xmodmap -e "keysym BackSpace = BackSpace NoSymbol Delete"
xmodmap -e "keysym Alt_R = Pointer_Button3 NoSymbol Pointer_Button2"
xmodmap -e "keysym F6 = XF86MonBrightnessDown NoSymbol F6"
xmodmap -e "keysym F7 = XF86MonBrightnessUp NoSymbol F7"
xmodmap -e "keysym F8 = XF86AudioMute NoSymbol F8"
xmodmap -e "keysym F9 = XF86AudioLowerVolume NoSymbol F9"
xmodmap -e "keysym F10 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume NoSymbol F10"

Third, edit this section of ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml:

<keybind key="XF86MonBrightnessDown">
  <action name="Execute">
    <command>xbacklight -steps 1 -dec 20</command>
<keybind key="XF86MonBrightnessUp">
  <action name="Execute">
    <command>xbacklight -steps 1 -inc 20</command>

That's it! Logout/login or restart to apply your new settings. If you don't want to restart, you can reload your profile . ~/.profile and reload OpenBox openbox --reconfigure.


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