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Update: This is not really needed anymore since Adobe Reader lets you sign things now.

(Windows Only)

Many people ask me how to fill out forms saved in pdf format. This is a simple tutorial to help you with the process and is completely free. In summary, I am converting the pages to images, editing them, then converting them back to pdf.

You will need installed:

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the pdf document in PDF XChange Viewer
  2. Choose “Export to Image…”

    PDF XChange Viewer: Export to Image

  3. Choose your destination folder.

    PDF XChange Viewer: Browse Destination Folder

  4. Add text to complete the form in your preferred image editor. I'm using Paint.NET since it is more than capable. Make sure to save the images when finished. (You may want to save it as jpg instead of leaving it as png to save space.)

    Gimp: Sign PDF

  5. Now you will need to print all the images in order to recreate the pdf. I will show how to do this in Irfanview, but this is program is not necessary. This feature is built into most versions of Windows. Open the first page in Irfanview and select "Thumbnails".

    Irfanview File Thumbnails

  6. Make sure all pages are selected and then select "Print selected files as a single image".

    Irfanview Thumbnails Batch Print

  7. Make sure PDFCreator is selected and that the paper size is set correctly. This should most likely be "Letter" or "Legal" depending on the original size. After the settings are correct, click "Print".

    Irfanview Print Preview

  8. Title and save your pdf.

    PDFCreator Save

  9. You're finished!

I hope you found this tutorial useful. It's a bit of a convoluted process, but after you do it a few times you will be able to complete forms quickly.


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