Enhance Your Defect Reports With Screencasts

Screencasting can be a valuable approach to logging defects that testers sometimes overlook. Not all defects can be explained in plain text, and sometimes attempting to explain the defect in plain text makes it more confusing. It's important to always consider if a screen recording will add value to ...

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Command Line PSA: Watch out for Traps

There are a few commands that new CLI (command line interface) users should watch out for. Usually it starts with searching for a specific command online and long behold someone has an answer for you on an unknown forum. The command is:

rm -rf /

Or if you are on Windows ...

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How To Sign & Fill Out PDF Forms for Free

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Update: This is not really needed anymore since Adobe Reader lets you sign things now.

(Windows Only)

Many people ask me how to fill out forms saved in pdf format. This is a simple tutorial to help you with the process and is completely free. In summary, I am converting ...

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Java: Interface vs. Abstract Class

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  • Multiple inheritance
  • Does not provide any code
  • static final constants
  • A class implements an Interface
  • Usually describe peripheral abilities of a class


An Automobile class can implement an Automatic interface.

When To Use

Usually when something in the design will change frequently, such as a file format ...

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